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1. _______ for your help, wed never have been able to get over the difficulties.

A. Had it not B. If it were not

C. Had it not been D. It we had not been

2. ______ hes already heard the news.

A. Chances are B. Chance is

C. Opportunities are D. Opportunity is

3. _______ his knowledge and academic background, he is basically stupid.

A. But for B. According to

C. For all D. Thanks to

4. _______ his return from Japan, Prof. Li went directly to his laboratory and started working with his colleagues.

A. Upon B. At

C. Within D. Over

5. _______ I am concerned, some other arrangement would have been better.

A. So far B. As for

C. As far as D. So far from

6. _______ I saw you I knew you were angry with me.

A. A moment B. The moment

C. In a moment D. For a moment

7. _______ in government was exposed through the agency of the press.

A. Corruption B. Cosmetic

C. Cottage D. Costume

8. _______ in the dark, his head hit against the wall.

A. Walking B. His walking

C. When he was walking D. While walking

9. _______ is a term for the partial or complete inability to hear.

A. There is deafness B. Deafness that

C. It is deafness D. Deafness

10. _______ is known to the world, Mark Twain is a great American


A. That B. Which

C. As D. It




1. C【句意】如果没有你的帮助,我们不会克服那些困难。

【解析】根据句子结构,我们可以看出逗号后面是使用了虚拟语气的主句,因此,须填入表示与过去情况相反的虚拟条件句,if it were not for 这一结构表示同现在事实相反的假设,意为如果不是,例如:If it werent for his wifes money, hed never be a director.如果不是他妻子有钱,他永远不会成为一名董事。If it were not for his help, I would never study here.如果没有他的帮助,我永远不会在这儿学习。因此,BIf it were not 错误。if it had not been for 的倒装形式为had it not been for ,表示与过去事实相反的假设,意为如果当时没有,主句谓语形式是would + have done,例如:If it had not been for Dr. Li, he would have died of smallpox. 如果当初不是李医生的话,他已死于天花了。Had it not been for his carelessness, the project wouldnt have failed. 当时如果不是他粗心的话,这项工程不会失败。因此,C. Had it not been正确,A. Had it not错误(如果后跟been,就是正确的了),D. If we had not been无此结构。

2. A【句意】可能他听说了这条消息。

【解析】(The) chances are (that)常用于口语中,意为很可能,如:The chances are that he is staying at home. 他很可能呆在家里。

3. C【句意】尽管他知识渊博,也受过教育,但本质上比较愚蠢。

【解析】for all意为尽管,虽然,如:For all you say, I still like him. 尽管你这样说,我还是喜欢他。but for作要不是,若非讲,如:But for the rain, we should have had a pleasant journey. 要不是下雨,我们就会去做一次很愉快的旅行了。according to意为依照,根据。thanks to则做幸亏,由于讲,如:Thanks to your help, we were successful. 由于你的帮忙,我们得以成功。

4. A【句意】一从日本回来,李教授直接去了实验室,开始和同事们一起工作。

【解析】upon (on) + 表示行为的名词相当于as soon as引导的时间状语从句。

5. C【句意】就我来说,其他的安排可能更好。

【解析】as far as be concerned是固定搭配,意为就来说,就而论,如:It is impossible as far as we are concerned. 对于我们来说,这是不可能的。so far意为迄今为止,如:The weather has been hot so far this summer. 到目前为止,今年夏天天气一直很热。as for意为至于,后跟名词或代词,不可跟从句。如:As for my past, Im not telling you anything. 至于我的历史,我什么都不会告诉你。so far from意为非但不 ,如:So far from taking my advice, he went and did just what I warned him against. 他非但不接受我的劝告,反而去干了我告诫他别干的事。

6. B【句意】我一见到你,我知道你还在生我的气。

【解析】for a moment意为一会儿,in a moment做立即,立刻解,两者均可作时间状语。the moment相当于as soon as,起连接作用,引导时间状语从句,如:The moment she saw it, she recognized the type of the machine. 她一看就认出了这台机器的型号。

7. A【句意】政府的腐败通过新闻界揭露了出来。

【解析】corruption意为腐化,腐败,如。Corruption among the officials was another cause for discontent. 官员腐化是引起不满的又一原因。cosmetic意为化妆品,如:Mother has a special cosmetic bag for keeping her cosmetics in. 母亲有一只专门放化妆品的化妆袋。cottage意为小屋,别墅,如:They have a summer cottage. 他们有处避暑别墅。costume意为服装,戏装,如:He was dressed in ceremonial costume. 他身穿礼服。

8. C【句意】当他在黑暗中行走的时候,他的头碰到了墙。

【解析】由于walk和主句主语his head没有任何逻辑关系,因此在这里不能使用walk的非谓语形式,也不能使用while + -ing形式做状语,否则就形成了悬垂结构。在这种情况下,到们只好使用when引导的状语从句,所以C正确。

9. D【句意】聋是一个用来形容部分或者全部丧失听力的术语。


10. C【句意】众所周知,马克吐温是一位伟大的美国作家。

【解析】根据句子结构我们可以看出,前面的句子是非限制性定语从句,四个选项中 A和 D不能引导此类从句,故应排除。Which引导的此类从句必须置于主句之后,因此B也不正确。as可以做关系词,做正如 那样;如同那样讲,用来引导非限制性定语从句,这时,as指代整个主句,既可放在主句前,也可放在主句后,后一种情况往往被看做插入语,例如:As is known to us all, contributions to computer technology are no longer confined to any one country.大家都知道,对计算机技术做出贡献的,已经不像过去那样仅是某一个国家了。He did it on purpose,as is often the case.这是他故意干的,情况通常是这样。As we know, water is necessary for the existence of all forms of life. 我们知道,水对于切生物的生存是必不可少的。有些考生误选了it,他们错误地认为it做形式主语,后面的Mark Twain is a great American writer做真正的主语。如将句中的逗号省略掉,并代之以that,那么选it就是正确的了。



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