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1. _______ is the center of our planetary system was a difficult concept to grasp in the Middle Age.

A. It is the sun and not the earth

B. Being the sun and not the earth

C. The sun and not the earth

D. That the sun and not the earth

2. _______ it or not, his discovery has created a stir in scientific circles.

A. Believe B. To believe

C. Believing D. Believed

3. _______ kinds of matter in the world.

A. There is a few million

B. That there are millions

C. There are a few million

D. It is millions

4. _______ man can now create radioactive elements, there is nothing he can do to reduce their radioactivity.

A. As B. Whether

C. While D. Now that

5. ______ me, I think an English-Chinese dictionary is much more helpful to our study than an All-English dictionary.

A. As far as B. As far

C. As for D. As regard

6. _______ my return, I learned that Professor Smith had been at the Museum and would not be back for several hours.

A. At B. With

C. On D. During

7. _______ of the burden of ice, the balloon climbed up and drifted to the South.

A. To be free B. To free

C. Freeing D. Freed

8. _______ one time, Manchester was the home of the most productive cotton mills in the world.

A. On B. By

C. At D. Of

9. _______ quite recently, most mothers in Britain did not take paid work outside the home.

A. Until B. Before

C. From D. Since

10. _______ she first heard of the man referred to as a specialist.

A. That was from Stephen

B. It was Stephen whom

C. It was from Stephen that

D. It was Stephen that




1. D【句意】太阳是星系的中心,而不是地球,在中世纪这是一个难以理解的概念。

【解析】根据句子结构我们可以看出。在was前面是一个主语从句,而主语从句必须有引导词。但A,B和C中都没有引导词,因此三个均错。D中that引导主语从句,在句中不做任何成分,只起引导词的作用,因而D是正确答案,如。That he will refuse the offer is unlikely.他拒绝这项建议的可能性不大。

2. A【句意】信不信由你,他的发现在科技界引起了震动。

【解析】believe it or not是习惯用语,常用于口语中,意为信不信由你,我说的是真的。如:Believe it or not,he was granted a full scholarship by Harvard University.信不信由你,哈佛大学给他提供了全额奖学金。Believe it or not,Im feeling quite homesick.我很想家,我说的是真话。

3. C【句意】世界上有数百万种物质。

【解析】million一词做数词时不加s,如:There are two million people in that city.那座市有200万人。另外,B中的that易使人认为它要引导一个名词性从句,而且million后加s时,要和of连用,D中it is不表示存在之意。因此B和D错误。在there be结构中,谓语动词要和与之最近的主语在数上保持一致。句中的kinds是复数,要求其谓语动词也用复数形式。因此A错误而C正确。

4. C【句意】虽然人类现在可以创造出各种放射性元素,但是他们没有办法来减少其放射性。

【解析】while除了引导时间状语从句外,还可以引导让步状语从句,做尽管,虽然讲,有着强烈的对比意味,例如; While I admit his good points I can see his bad ones.虽然我承认他的优点,但我也能看得出他的缺点。whether引导让步状语从句时,通常与or连用,意为不管还是,例如。 Whether you can see the moon or not,it is always round.不管你看见与否,月亮总是圆的。 now that 意为既然 ,引导条件状语从句,从句内容是既成的事实,例如: Now that you will come here,I neednt go there.既然你要来,我就没必要到那儿去了。as也可以引导让步状语从句,但是该从句一般置于主句之前,且从句内容必须倒装,例如。 Much as he likes her,he does get irritated with her sometimes.尽管他喜欢她,可有时他确实也对她发火。Try as he would,he could not lift the rock.虽然他尽力了,但仍不能搬动那块石头。

5. C【句意】对我来说,我认为一本英汉字典要比一本全英字典要好。

【解析】as for做对来说,就而言讲,如: As for her,she prefers tea to coffee.至于她, 则更喜欢茶而不是咖啡。as(so)far as意为就所如:As far as I know,there are no peaches on the market.就我所知,市场上没有桃子。as far不做为固定短语用。as regard也不做为固定短语用,坦as regards是固定短语,意思是至于,如:Now,as regards money,what is to be done?至于钱的问题,该怎么办?

6. C【句意】我一回来就了解到史密斯教授已经到了博物馆,几个小时不会回来。

【解析】on用来指时间,表示在之时,相当于at the same time of,后跟动名词或表示动作的名词,如: On his arrival in Qingdao he set to work in earnest一到青岛他就认真地干了起来。而at,with和during 则没有这种用法。

7. D【句意】摆脱了冰的束缚,气球越升越高,飘到了南方。

【解析】根据句于结构我们可以看出,该处应使用分词短语,表示原因,因此A和B应予以排除。又因为free和balloon具有逻辑上的动宾关系,所以 C也可以排除。此处使用过去分词表示动作的被动和完成,如:Influenced by his example,they performed countless good deeds.在他事迹的影响下,他们做了无数的好事.

8. C【句意】曾经,曼彻斯特是世界上几个大棉厂的诞生地。

【解析】at one time意为曾经,一度。如:At one time the little girl formed the habit of visiting Einstein after school every day。有一段时间,那个小女孩养成了个习惯,每天放学后都去看望爱因斯坦。选项A,B和D都不能和one time构成短语,故只有C正确。

9. A【句意】直到最近,英国的大部分已婚妇女还没有离家工作。

【解析】before,from和since与quite recently连用,不符合语法;before quite recently一般要与过去完成时连用;from(since)quite recently一般要与现在完成进行时连用。until用在否定句中表示直到才之意,如:It was not until the beginning of the century that man began to realize that it was the brain not the heart that was the center of mind.直到本世纪初,人们才逐渐认识到是大脑而不是心脏是思维活动的中心.由此可见,A是正确答案。

10. C【句意】正是从Stephen那里,他听说了被人称之为专家的那个人。

【解析】由于英语语法要求在同一个句号前,不可以有两个既不是并列关系,也不是从属关系的句子,故A不是正确答案。B,C和D都使用了强调句型,但通过运用这样一个规则将强调句型中的it is(或was)和that(或who)省略掉,句子结构仍然应该是完整的,就可看出只有 C为正确答案。例如:It was this very student that had shown great interest in the problem.就是这个学生曾对这个问题表现出了极大的兴趣。



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